Meet Jason: The Flavour Finder

This is Jason. Here at The Chosen Ones®, Jason is what we call our ‘flavour finder’. His job description is to select only the very best stone fruit for your eating pleasure.

You see, ten years ago, we set out to grow the best tasting stone fruit in the world. We searched the world over and planted only the finest varieties. Today, our test orchard has over 1,000 unique varieties and in fact, is the largest stone fruit variety assessment orchard in Australasia. Let us tell you…that’s a lot of varieties and a lot of trees.

Just how many trees? Well, for every variety we grow, we plant a minimum of 3 trees. Given we have over 1,000 varieties, Jason’s job is to look after and keep track of all 3000 trees. Now, Jason also has 5 kids, 3 dogs and 2 rabbits – so he is one busy man. But Jason never sits still.


He travels the world looking for new, great tasting varieties to grow in our orchards. He also tracks each variety’s performance, sweetness and ripeness for optimal picking. And you thought cricket stats were complicated!

Call him obsessive, but Jason ensures only the best tasting, best eating varieties are selected to wear The Chosen Ones® brand. Which sadly means around 978 other varieties don’t make the grade. But Jason will not be swayed… it’s always about flavour, every fruit, every time.

From our orchards to your taste buds, we hope you enjoy The Chosen Ones®. If you did, please drop us an email at… Jason will be thrilled that his relentless choosiness has paid off.

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