The Chosen Ones® Nectarines - perfectly picked for flavour.
The Chosen Ones® - deliciously sweet, ready to eat.
The Chosen Ones® selects fruit from the largest stone fruit assessment orchard in Australasia.
Ask for them by name: The Chosen Ones®.
Meet Jason. He's The Chosen Ones® 'Flavour Finder'.

What’s our story?

You see, we own Australasia’s largest stone fruit assessment orchard and we have over 1,000 different varieties of stone fruit planted. This means…we have lots of choice when it comes to selecting the best nectarines.

Right now, we are planting more trees all over Australia of the new nectarine varieties that are deliciously sweet and ready to eat straight from the tree. These varieties are new…and they are going to revolutionise your stone fruit eating experience.

Bon appetite and enjoy our beautifully delicious The Chosen Ones® gold nectarines.

Ask for them by name.

Introducing Our Deliciously Sweet & Ready to Eat Gold Nectarines…

Here at The Chosen Ones®, we are re-inventing stone fruits for Australian shoppers. No more dry fruit. No more mealy fruit. No more fruit with a taste that disappoints.

What’s our secret? Let us assure you our fruit is not GMO or ‘engineered’ in any way. Instead our secret is in the varieties we grow.

Meet Jason: Our Very Choosy Fruit Chooser...

Jason is very picky. A perfectionist. Obsessive even. Which, in the case of fruit, is a very good thing because Jason is The Chosen Ones® dedicated ‘flavour finder.’

His job description: to select only the very best, most flavoursome, seasonal stone fruit for your eating pleasure. Learn more about Jason and his search for the best eating stone fruit.

The Perfect Piece of Fruit: Handling Tips and Recipe Ideas...

Stone fruit. It can be tricky to get a piece that is just right. While The Chosen Ones® fruit, makes getting a great piece of fruit easier, shoppers often ask, “What’s the best way to store fruit or ripen fruit?”

If you bought a piece of The Chosen Ones® fruit, storing and ripening is easy.